My new company is killing me!



Once upon a time, a couple of years ago, I was invincible.

Not literally invincible, of course. But I felt good – decently strong (485lb deadlift), enough stamina that I could run a good distance (even though I kinda hate running) and I had good energy.

Now that is all gone. And it’s pretty much my own fault.

I’m about half as strong. Mowing the grass is now a “workout”. And I’ve had these chest pains which I think are stress – should get those checked I suppose.

I’ve been sitting on my ass for two years trying to get a software startup off the ground. I won’t bore you will the details, but it has been a rough road. We are getting closer to launch but it’s a battle.

The end result is I don’t feel that good. I certainly don’t look like I used to. And I can tell that my heart is weaker. It doesn’t pump with the same authority that it used to.

I guess sitting and staring at a computer for months on end will do that.

They say sitting is like smoking when it comes to negative health effects. I don’t know if it’s the sitting part or the lack of activity. Either way, the changes I’ve seen in myself are not pretty.

Confession time…I haven’t had my shirt off this summer and I’ve been avoiding the neighbor’s pool and the beach. I’m not a show-off kind of guy, but I always looked pretty good <— said in a non-bragging way.  Now I’m too self-conscious to take off my shirt.

Honestly, that sucks.

Exercise is great for stress. However, the stress of building and launching this company sapped away my energy and desire to exercise. A vicious circle that caused me to spiral lower and lower.

And, since I’m being honest, I was starting to feel like I was losing years off my life. All for the sake of starting a new company. Stupid when you think about it. But that’s what I got myself into and it’s too late to pull out now.

For decades, I’ve been exercising and lifting weights but I was completely out of the groove. Something needed to change and I was having a hard time getting started. I’d look at my old training books and nothing was clicking for me.

Now, if you are feeling like you are not as fit and healthy as you would like to be – I’m going to recommend something. I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across this product. I think it showed up in my Facebook feed at some point.

And I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch – even though I suppose it is – but following this program has gotten me back on track. I’m just getting started but I feel better already and I know I’ll look better.

You should also be aware that I was impressed enough with this exercise system that I signed up to be an affiliate. So, if you buy it I will make a few dollars. You can likely find it elsewhere if that bothers you.

Click the link below and you can check the program out. If it speaks to you and how you are feeling about your weight, fitness or how you look, then invest and get on track. The author is respected and the info is good.

You can click here to see if it’s right for you…

I haven’t tested it (not being a woman and all) but it is supposed to work great for ladies too. Read it over and see what you think!

Anyway, thanks for reading and check out the link above.


Tom Jackson

Thrive Over Forty

P.S. If you are feeling

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